EGGS Foundation Fund Grants

The EGGS Foundation Fund was established in 2006 by Epsom Girls Grammar School Foundation. It helps provide grants to the School, students or staff for activities and items that will benefit Epsom Girls Grammar School and its community.

Source of capital for the fund

The capital for this fund was established in 2007 via the sale of ‘Blend’ cookbook, which was also produced to celebrate EGGS’ 90th Jubilee. Since then, the annual EGGS Art Calendar sales have also contributed to the capital growth of the Heritage Fund. Any funds not allocated and distributed annually are retained as capital for the fund.

Grant capital from capital investment

Grants are funded by earnings from the capital investment, which is protected from inflation erosion by retaining and adding to the capital a percentage of the Fund’s earnings (a percentage equivalent to the published Reserve Bank CPI for the previous year).

The EGGS Foundation Fund grants supports items and activities not included in the School budget but are necessary to maintain high standards and opportunities for which EGGS bases its reputation. Grants from this fund are usually between $100 and $400.